Design Services

Designing properties for sale or rent requires a little vision. Whether your making modifications to your floor plan, or simply picking out color schemes, it takes time to develop the ability to see the finished product from the very beginning. Luckily, we've had a ton of practice and can make designing your next project as hands free as you'd like. Here are a few things we consider when planning a potential design for you project.

Keep things as neutral as possible!

Did you see a pink polka dot fire place on the home improvement network and just love it? Though we're sure it's absolutely fabulous, we would strongly encourage you to go with something a little more neutral. The truth is, things like this drastically decrease the demographic for potential buyers and renters. The name of the game is to move your property and get it performing as soon as possible, so we understand the importance of keeping things appealing to the widest demographic possible while adding unique finishes and features for that "cool factor" that separates your property from the rest.

Will this property be for sale, or rent?

There are several differences between these two types of rehabs for a property. For example, we would recommend selecting materials based on durability and maintenance obligations for your rental portfolio, while ensuring including finishes that are appropriate for the desired listing amount/appraisal on your properties for sale. We have extensive experience in both areas and present you with selections that save you time, money and meet or exceed your expectations. 

Budget, budget, budget!

A penny saved, is a penny earned. Rehab Kings has numerous volume based relationships with our vendors that enables us to offer higher end finishes without charging higher end prices. Every single picture you see of a property on our website is from one of our completed projects. Ninety percent of the finishes you see in these pictures are part of our standard finish package.

Room modification and wall moves part of your design? No problem.

One of the more challenging aspects of design is meeting the demands for today's open concept floor plans, enlarged master suites or other changes to an existing floor plan. Rehab Kings implements room modifications on many of our rehabs to meet or exceed the trends and demands we see in the Dallas/Fort Worth market.

Take a look at our gallery for more examples of some of our completed projects!

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