Exclusively For Investors


There are many differences between rehabbing investment properties and remodeling homes for home owners. One huge factor is price. Working with home owners can be very expensive to a contractor due to the emotional investment in the project, which will usually reflect in the pricing, duration and several other factors. Additionally, occupied properties are also more costly due to preparation and personal belongings needing to be protected, to minimize the impact to the areas of the home not under construction. As we are an investor exclusive contractor, these are just a couple of the costs not included in our pricing.

Worried about getting nickled and dimed for every screw going into your project? That won't be a problem with Rehab Kings. Our bids are all inclusive and we anticipate a few minor changes here and there. Most of the major variables that can turn a profitable investment into a costly lesson are captured during our pre-acquisition walk through.

Due to the hundreds of deals we have worked on, we can also anticipate most of the home inspection concerns or renter expectations investors face at selling or executing a lease agreement. The majority of these factors will be on our radar the minute we walk into your potential property for assessment. 

There are countless odds and ends that go into any type of investment property. Because we are exclusive to investors, we know and understand what those details are before you point them out. This is a very unique field of construction that we have extensive experience and knowledge of, that takes years to develop. The founder and owner of Rehab Kings has more than 30 years of hands on construction experience with more than ten years dedicated to the real estate investment field. 

Our construction strategies factor things like deal structure, holding costs, comps and what they included, anticipated appraisal value and many other factors that can only come with a thorough knowledge of real estate investment as a whole. We're not just pitching construction contracts, we're working to be a valuable tool in your investment strategies.